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What’s onat Space-comm Expo

A new industry is born

The growth of private enterprise in space, for applications in broadcast, communication, transportation, navigation created new challenges and led to the formation of unique partnerships. The need for advanced materials and components to perform in the harshest of environments has pushed parts, components and technology providers into revolutionary areas of development.

Space-Comm Expo will bring these supply chains, and technology providers together, in a professional annual exhibition format, alongside world-class free seminar content hosted at the state-of-the-art Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre, the Home of Pioneering Spirit.

A partnership between two award-winning exhibition organisers will bring the event to market, Hub Exhibitions, and Farnborough International, organiser of The Farnborough International Airshow, and owners of the event’s venue, Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre. Together with support from ADS Group, UKspace and leading media in the sector, Space-Comm Expo will be an exciting annual fixture of business and education.

At Farnborough International, we are excited to be partnering with Hub Exhibitions to launch Space-Comm Expo. With our member range and experience in the sector, we see the need for an annual trade exhibition focusing on the niche of commercial enterprise in space. This new event will give the companies supplying parts and components, technology and solutions in space, an annual platform to do business.

Gareth Rogers, CEO, FIL

Space-Comm Expo will be free to attend, with world class free seminar content, in five theatres located on the show floor.

  • Keynote theatre
  • Small sats
  • Demo-lab
  • Product showcase
  • Downstream theatre 

The Start Up Zone will showcase the latest technologies from recent entrants and fast-growing SMEs. We know your time is valuable, and visitors will be able to coordinate meetings onsite through our online matchmaking program.

Confirmed speakers

Helen Sharman

Helen Sharman CMG OBE, the first Briton in space

Keynote speaker

British chemist, Helen Patricia Sharman, became the first British Astronaut when in May 1991, aged 27, she launched on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Helen enthuses her audience about Space, STEM and the wonders of science. She describes the meticulous training and preparation, learning Russian, launch and landing, how weightlessness feels, her science experiments, the team spirit, and readjusting to life on Earth.

“I’m excited to be speaking at the inaugural Space-Comm Expo. This event will give the UK space sector an annual professional trade exhibition, to focus on the commercial future of Space. As Britain’s first person in space, I’m proud of our achievements in this sector, and we have an opportunity to grow our market share and continue to develop our offering to the world. Join me at Space-Comm Expo in Farnborough”

Will Whitehorn

Will Whitehorn, President of UKspace

Keynote speaker

Space industry pioneer and entrepreneur, Will Whitehorn, was Former President at Virgin Galactic. As Richard Branson’s ‘no 2’ he played a central role in the development and concept of commercial spaceflight. Will holds several non-executive roles at companies and organisations including the Royal Air Force, Good Energy PLC, Stagecoach Group PLC, AAC Clyde Space and Scottish Event Campus Ltd.

"We’re delighted to be supporting the launch of Space-Comm Expo. We will be taking an active guiding role in the development of the event, and look forward to it being the annual get together for our members from start ups, SME’s and companies in upstream and downstream operations. Never more has the spotlight been on growth in the UK Space industry."

Dallas Campbell

Dallas Campbell, TV science presenter, speaker, writer & broadcaster


Dallas presents some of television’s most popular factual programmes including Stargazing Live, Bang Goes The Theory, Horizon Guide, and The Gadget Show. He is an author, actor and ambassador for UK Science and STEM education. Dallas has a lifelong passion for understanding how the world works and for exploring our relationship with science, technology and engineering – past, present and future.

"I’m excited to participate in a new event which is pivotal in highlighting the UK’s prime position within the Space industry. The event will showcase unique features including a content-rich seminar agenda, meet the buyers programme, and networking with representatives from the entire supply chain. Look forward to seeing you all at Space-Comm Expo 2021

Volodymyr Levykin

Volodymyr Levykin, CEO & Founder, Skyrora Ltd

Keynote speaker

Volodymyr has over 10 years of management experience at C-level. At the helm of many enterprises to date, he has successfully created a number of revenue-generated businesses and driven the creation of multiple software platforms and technologies, ranging from sophisticated data analytics & platform optimization through to social interaction, messaging systems and payment platforms. His current activities in the Space sector have significant and very clear goals to aim for. Him and his company have hit every single milestone, successfully, to date and he is excited to be apart of the space industry and relishes the challenges ahead of him. 

Rupert Pearce

Rupert Pearce, Chief Executive Officer, Inmarsat

Keynote speaker

Rupert has been Chief Executive Officer of Inmarsat, the world’s leading global mobile satellite communications network operator, since January 2012. Rupert joined Inmarsat in January 2005 as Group General Counsel and between 2009 and 2011 additionally held the position of Senior Vice President, Inmarsat Enterprises.
Previously, Rupert worked for Atlas Venture, a transatlantic venture capital company, where he was a partner working with the firm’s European and U.S. investment teams on investment, divestment, M&A and corporate finance transactions and was a member of the firm’s investment and exit committees. He was previously also an equity partner at the international law firm Linklaters, where he spent 13 years specialising in corporate finance, M&A and private equity transactions.

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