Roundtables enable you to meet with peers in an exclusive business environment. An open forum to discuss issues within the industry and how to tackle them.

Roundtables are a crucial part of Space-Comm Expo, providing visitors a place to share opinions and thoughts in an open discussion, and listen to other points of view. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to make connections and network.

1 hour

Roundtable discussion


pre-qualified participants


with industry peers


Title : Fast track your Space career in the new space sector

Synopsis: The New Space sector rapidly brought technological advancement to space — creating hundreds of new applications and expanding the impact it can have on the safety, wellbeing and advancement of society. The innovative and fast-paced nature of this industry has sparked a newfound interest in space careers.

During this session, you’ll learn how the maritime, weather, Earth intelligence, and aviation data that Spire collects from it’s constellation of 100+ satellites is making our world a safer, cleaner, more prosperous and more equitable place — and get a glimpse into the careers and day-to-day jobs of the experts behinds its innovative technology.

Target Audience:

  1. Technical roles; Hardware Engineers, Software Engineers, Embedded Engineers, RF Engineers, GNSS Engineers
  2. Various business roles, including Sales, Marketing, Program Management, Finance, HR

Note; Spire are more interested in a person’s experience than we are in what company / organisation they have been working for.


  1. Ideally people with at least a Bachelor’s degree and, depending on the level of the role, at least 2+ years of experience.
  2. Ideally someone with domain expertise (ie software, hardware, sales, etc)
  3. Of course, if a person has some space background that is great.

If you are bright and passionate about what you are doing and want to make a difference then join this roundtable hosted by Spire.


Title : TBC

Synopsis: TBC

Target Audience: TBC

Qualifications: TBC