Professor Nigel Fox

Fellow. National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

Professor Nigel Fox is an NPL Fellow and chief scientist in Earth Observation. Climate and Optical Radiometry at NPL the UK national metrology institute. Nigel joined NPL from University College London in 1981 with a BSc in Astronomy and Physics. Since then he has been responsible for the establishment and dissemination of primary optical radiation measurement scales and pioneered techniques that led to an improvement of nearly two orders of magnitude in the accuracy of many radiometric measurements and have been widely adopted by the international metrology community and resulted in the award of a PhD from the University of London.

Over the last three decades Nigel has expanded his interests to include a significant focus on Earth Observation and associated climate change parameters, with an emphasis on satellite observations. This has led to further innovation in both pre-flight and post-launch calibration and validation techniques and has culminated in the design and leadership of the recently funded TRUTHS satellite mission. Nigel has championed ‘Earth observation metrology’ on behalf of the World’s metrology community representing the UK on the Working Group on Calibration and Validation (WGCV) of the international space agency committee, Committee on Earth Observation satellites (CEOS) and chair of its Infrared, Visible and Optical Sensors (IVOS) sub-group. He and his group not only provide laboratory calibrations, but carry-out measurements across the world, in deserts, forests, oceans, cryosphere and the atmosphere to improve the quality of EO/climate data. Current activities now include development of strategies and methods to assess, propagate and readily interpret uncertainties not only in data but also in information derived from them. He is a visiting professor in the Meteorology Department of the University of Reading and provides expert advice on QA/Cal/Val to UK government, ESA and various other international organisations on topics related to earth observation and climate.

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