Katherine Courtney

Non-Executive Director, Strategic Advisor, and Former CEO. UK Space Agency

Katherine is a non-executive director, strategic advisor, and former CEO of the UK Space Agency. She chairs the Global Network for Sustainability in Space – which brings together scientists, industry and policy makers in partnership to tackle the rising challenges of space debris and congestion.

Katherine has over 20 years’ executive experience in business innovation, start-up and expansion in the UK, Europe, and other geographies. Over nearly 15 years as a Senior Civil Servant with the UK government, she developed and implemented high-profile government policy in areas ranging from critical national infrastructure to industrial strategy. She led several landmark technology-enabled transformation programmes and steered five cross-cutting pieces of legislation successfully through Parliament.

During her tenure as CEO of the UK Space Agency, Katherine opened the UK market to commercial spaceflight; modernised the UK’s space regulatory frameworks; directed the Agency’s response to major global and domestic events, such as the Brexit referendum; and led €1.4bn investment in collaborative space missions through the European Space Agency.

Katherine is also a STEM Ambassador and the Founder of PrimarySpace.org – a charity with the mission to inspire and engage as many primary school children and teachers as possible with STEAM subjects and careers.

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8th July 2021

Keynote Theatre

What does UK Space Domain Awareness capability need to look like from 2030 – what is good enough?

A panel discussion on a view of the space domain from 2030, what level of SDA capability the UK will require and what the UK Space Domain Awareness roadmap therefore needs to address.

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