Joshua Western

Co-founder and CEO. Space Forge

Josh co-founded Space Forge in 2018. From kick-starting their mission to change the face of the space industry - making space work for humanity - Josh, and co-founder Andrew Bacon, have taken the industry leading startup from a garage in Bristol to raising the largest ever seed round in Europe by a Space Tech company. 

Space Forge is developing the world’s first fully reusable platform, to unlock the benefits of space for manufacturing and experimentation at scale. By producing next generation materials off planet and returning to Earth, a stepchange in humanity’s progress is possible - with the power to progress a clean industrial revolution.

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8th September 2022

Keynote Theatre

Panel: Boosting the commercial space economy and sustainably building off-planet capabilities for a bold future

This session will uncover the potential benefits of in-space manufacturing and strategy to overcome the current barriers.

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