David Waller

Space Specialist. Royal Air Force

Flight Lieutenant Dave Waller joined the RAF in 2010 as an Air Operations Officer (Systems) and completed a tour in CRC Boulmer working on the air defence of the UK. During this time he deployed to the Falkland Islands to support the air defence of the islands. In 2014 he joined the UK Space Operations Centre (SpOC) at High Wycombe as a Space Duty Officer. During this tour he completed courses in the UK and Germany and exercises in both the UK and US including RED FLAG and GLOBAL SENTINAL. He then moved to a joint tour working with the British Army acting as an SME in both Air and Space to 3(UK) Division including exercises in the UK and around the world. Following that tour he moved onto work with Airbus at the Hawthorn site, acting as the liaison to the UK SpOC. During this tour he also qualified as a Category 2 Controller on both Skynet 4 and 5 spacecraft. He is currently a space operations specialist within UK Space Command.

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8th July 2021

Keynote Theatre

Meeting the UK Military Space Challenge - An Architecture for the Future

By combining the strength and diversity of the UK Space industry, Airbus will meet the future challenges and drive the sector forward.

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