Clive Oates

Business Development Lead Five Eyes Nations. Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL)

Clive Oates is the Business Development lead Five Eyes Nations for Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL), where he is responsible for SSTL’s business across earth observation, communications, navigation and lunar.

Prior to joining SSTL, Clive spent over 20 years with Ericsson, holding executive roles in software engineering, technology solutions and business development - working in Sweden, Canada, The United Kingdom and South Africa.

Clive started his career working for NATO’s Communication and Information Agency in The Netherlands.

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8th July 2021

Keynote Theatre

What does UK Space Domain Awareness capability need to look like from 2030 – what is good enough?

A panel discussion on a view of the space domain from 2030, what level of SDA capability the UK will require and what the UK Space Domain Awareness roadmap therefore needs to address.

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