Andrew Haslehurst

Chief Technology Officer. Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd

Andrew Haslehurst is the Chief Technology Officer at Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) with over 20 years' experience on satellite programmes from low earth orbit to geostationary and beyond.

He received his first class honours in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire then entered the graduate programme at Airbus Defence and Space working on the Beagle 2 Mars programme before joining SSTL to develop their mechanisms capabilities.

Throughout his time at SSTL Andrew has worked in a variety of technical leadership roles across engineering from power, propulsion to optical / RF payloads and beyond. Working with the teams on project delivery and developing new products has seen Andrew leading the next steps in the development for the Carbonite mission series developing the technologies for the large deployable SAR for Car4bSAR and the innovative MWIR payload for the Darkcarb.

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7th September 2022

Keynote Theatre

Panel: Bringing connectivity to the Moon

This session aims to give us a peek at the latest developments underway in lunar telecommunications.

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